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Multi-Frame Opening, London SW1

The same project is shown under the section entitled ‘basements’. An extension was planned to be erected from the new lower ground floor shown in the foreground of the first photograph. It was proposed to place a frame opening within the original rear elevation to allow open access from each floor into the proposed extension. Originally, the multi-frame opening was designed in steelwork but due to the perceived difficultly in safely manoeuvring heavy steel sections through the building and then lifting them into position, it was proposed to construct the frame opening in RC. This meant that materials such as reinforcing bars and shuttering could be man-handled through the building and the concrete placed by mobile pump. The use of sacrificial stools meant that the works below could proceed without the need for temporary foundations to support props for needle beams.

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Press Release: – Morrisroe Group acquires GSS Piling Ltd & Geostructural Solutions Ltd

Press Release. Morrisroe GSS Acquisition May 2019

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Temporary & Permanent Works

Temporary and permanent works to the rear elevation of a prestigious property in London W14, to link the main house to a large proposed basement within the rear garden.  

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