Party Wall Matters

Peter and I then inspected 37/39 WS which is very impressive to the extent that Peter actually stated to me “given the size, the depth and the complexity of the sub-structure works carried out here it is a credit to the structural engineer and the contractor that such little movement has occurred” – I thought the Team would be pleased to hear Peter’s compliment.

Piling Works

Please find the last two pile logs attached. As I mentioned before I would like to thank all of you for the effort on site. I have no hesitation in complimenting Darren for the way he has completed this project. He has a great attitude toward the job, he maintained a safe, tidy environment for all of his gang and other trades working around him. Thanks again.

Rear Frame to House, London SW1

Thought you would be interested to know that the new rc frame to the rear of the house has now been successfully completed.
Quite a challenging operation!

London NW8

During the conversation he commended Mario and his team on their workmanship and professionalism and added that Mario was a credit to GSS.

Church in South London

Many thanks to you and GSS for developing the scheme. What was particularly impressive for me was the manner in which GSS, through Adam and Kevin, were able to use their wealth of experience to adapt the your plan to provide an even better and more efficient solution. I am thinking of Kevin’s (I think) idea of excavating the entire area of SE tarmac corner and laying a concrete floor which provided a staging point for removal of the spoil using the digger, and the construction of a single beam across the entire east wall before the commencement of underpinning. The first must have played a big part in continuous work during the appalling Jan/Feb rainfall and the beam gives confidence that the entire width of the east wall will remain intact, whilst provided a safer work environment during the 6m excavations.

Chief Engineer – Major Construction Company

GSS are a very professional company that encompasses dedicated and skilled professionals at every level and I would without hesitation recommend them for undertaking similar complicated geotechnical and structural based piling and specialist groundworks and structural remodelling in a well considered and safe manner. GSS’s appreciation of temporary works design and installation is very good and willing to embrace our PC’s TW robust controls. Their management of complex and technically challenging piling and TW design whether conceived and designed in-house or via support consultants is excellent and the quality of their RAMs submissions is exemplary when compared to the norm and in particular those prepared by Contracts Manager Adam Fisher.
Before writing this short testimony I canvassed the opinion of the site teams for the projects listed above and received no negative feedback on GSS relevant to operational health and safety or indeed any other aspect of their business.

London SW7

Thank you very much for this, and for the generally helpful and pro-active approach of GSS – it really is a great pleasure to be working with your company.

Church in South London

From the initial visit to plan the site, through the difficulties associated with the atrociously wet weather in January and February, to the final site clearance, it was clear that the contract was executed with full control and competence. In particular, we should like to thank Adam for his technical management of the project, adapting the construction method where necessary and Kevin who managed the day to day activities firmly but with considerable courtesy and thoughtfulness.

Furthermore, the team, particularly Marcin and the two Jons, not only worked so well that casual observers commented on their diligence, everyone on site behaved with consummate friendliness to anyone who had reason, legitimate or otherwise, to visit the site. Every worker clearly fully committed to work as a team to ensure success.

London SW3

I have learnt a great deal from you over the last year, and can confirm working with you has been a great pleasure.
Thank you sincerely for all you have done and the best of luck going forward – you have an bright future ahead of you.

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Press Release. Morrisroe GSS Acquisition May 2019

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Temporary & Permanent Works

Temporary and permanent works to the rear elevation of a prestigious property in London W14, to link the main house to a large proposed basement within the rear garden.  

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