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A Large Frame Opening, London EC1

This project was located in the City of London. Access was through a narrow passageway and the site was completely enclosed by neighbouring properties. A large frame opening was required in the original external elevation of the building. Formation of the frame opening in steelwork would have been particularly difficult in view of the access constraints. If the wall had been needled to provide temporary support for the frame opening then it would have been necessary to extend the supports downwards through 2 floors to an existing basement level. Temporary foundations would also have been required. An RC frame installed in the way shown on the photographs was therefore an ideal solution for this project.


Temporary & Permanent Works

Temporary and permanent works to the rear elevation of a prestigious property in London W14, to link the main house to a large proposed basement within the rear garden.  

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Temporary Works Stooling

Temporary works stooling and reinforcement for a top down slab for a new basement in Notting Hill.

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