Pynford Beams

This is an extremely powerful technique when used in the right circumstances. The system can be developed to form a single beam opening, a simple column/beam opening or a full box frame. An entire building can be made open plan by use of this technique.

The system works by use of sacrificial supports placed in the wall within the depth of the proposed beam. This means that since there are no temporary works needles the beams can be placed right up to the underside of the ceilings. This is sometimes invaluable when working below occupied premises.

Originally developed as an RC beam for use in beam and base underpinning the system has been developed for many types of applications. The opening can be created by use of RC or steelwork, whichever is appropriate.


Space Creation within an Office Building, London EC1

Multi Frame Opening, London SW1

A Large Frame Opening, London SW1

Space Creation within an office building, London EC1


Temporary & Permanent Works

Temporary and permanent works to the rear elevation of a prestigious property in London W14, to link the main house to a large proposed basement within the rear garden.  

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Temporary Works Stooling

Temporary works stooling and reinforcement for a top down slab for a new basement in Notting Hill.

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